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Building tools that automate and augment the Developer's life.

We developed Devii in 2018 to better serve our own clients.
Now, we are giving that same flexibility to everyone else.

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Our Roots

We began as a software development company and faced the same hurdles that every other dev team is facing: The software development industry is overworked and understaffed.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, we developed Devii, which allowed us to instantly and securely generate APIs to any existing SQL database. This was a game changer for us, as it automated many of the tedious tasks that used to take up our team’s time. It has also been a cost saver, as we no longer need to spend the time it takes to write and manage every API.

We are confident Devii will do the same for every developer out there, that’s why we have opened Devii to the world, with the goal that Devii will become a standard in every developer’s stack.

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Meet the people behind
the product

The cheerful visionary who is quick to solutions.
Anthony Molzahn
CEO | Co-Founder
“Harness change for the benefit of the client.” Jason practices this mantra every single day.
Jason Ruen
The creator of our core technology, Devii Core.
Avi Blackmore
Cheif Architect | Co-Founder
Rob brings almost two decades of experience in brand building.
Rob burke
Director of Marketing
Bill solves problems, imbuing quality and a sense of trust in every engineering effort he leads.
William (Bill) Gabel
Lead Engineer
Cindy Manikowski
Software Engineer Intern
Ardell Rowley
Systems Analyst

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