Environmental Requirements

Devii requires one database for itself, which it uses for system tables. These system tables store such information as tenants, roles, role classes, policy rules, process rules, and various other system information. This database can be named anything, though “devii” is generally a good choice; this is configurable in the devii.conf configuration file. This database must grant full access to Devii, for it to create and manage the system tables.

Devii is designed to be a container-based server application, running in Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. Runtime information such as the configuration file, public and private key for JSON Web Token generation, and access keys for cloud storage backends are stored as Kubernetes secrets.

Devii is not a web server; it is a WSGI application, which needs a web server in front of it. Our installation uses a Kubernetes ingress with nginx as its web server; other web servers should work as well, as long as they are capable of interfacing with WSGI applications.

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