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Independent Developer Completes Wallet Watcher App in 8 Days with Devii

It would’ve taken months of work without Devii. But I got everything going in eight days.
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The Challenge: An independent developer must build and support an app across 7 blockchains

Jase Kraft, full stack blockchain developer, received an interesting customer request: someone wanted a wallet watcher app capable of ascertaining which crypto wallets were active, and which ones were dead and holding unused cryptocurrency. 

Jase was game for the challenge, and started building an app with MongoDB designed to assess 7 different blockchains, at any given time slice, to gauge wallet activity. The ultimate goal of the app would be to determine the difference between the cryptocurrency actively in circulation compared to the current market cap. The app would help to lower market volatility by creating a better understanding of how much cryptocurrency is moving on a macro scale. 

He built the app locally in 60 hours. But he soon hit a snag. 

“I was frustrated that I couldn’t create an endpoint and connect with MongoDB from my local environment,” said Jase. “This was outside of my current skillset and I knew that, if I tried to work it out myself, it would take another 50 hours. That’s nearly as long as it took to build the app in the first place.”

Jase needed a scalable way to connect to the cloud from his local environment. Spending 50 hours creating an endpoint for one blockchain would be an inefficient use of time.

Solution wishlist:
✔️ An instant API endpoint for the internal database in his app that would significantly reduce engineering time
✔️ A single platform to host multiple APIs and databases

The Solution: Instant API engine

“It’s magical,” said Jase. “So easy to plug into the endpoint for my databases.”

Jase found Devii, and quickly realized it would eliminate his most vexing hurdles: he could host all 7 blockchain data in the cloud for way less money, build an instant API endpoint in an hour that ordinarily would have taken him over 50 hours, and leverage a single platform to stand up his app. 

In an hour, Jase was able to establish a connection to PostGres, offsetting 60 hours of work. Only 15 hours later, he had finished the app. With help from Devii, he was able to manage and analyze the first blockchain within 8 days and drastically reduce development time for the next 6 blockchains. 

“Treating each database as the microservices they are is an obvious choice with Devii.” 

Now, Jase has one endpoint to all 7 databases used to store blockchain data. This cost-effective solution enables Jase to store, manage, and analyze billions of records and their coordinating transactions in a single, centralized, cloud-based location. 

“Building the API endpoints and storing this data myself would’ve been a cumbersome, expensive nightmare,” said Jase. “I can really tangibly see what a waste of time that would’ve been now that I’ve worked with Devii.”

The Results

With his wallet watcher app, Jase was able to determine that 95% of wallets holding bitcoin have been active in the last 5 years: an assessment no one else had been able to make before. 

And he was able to support his app and the blockchains it analyzes at a cost reduction of over $10,000. He was also able to get his app up and running months sooner. 

“It would’ve taken me around 100 hours to set up one blockchain, Devii helped me complete it in 60.” said Jase. “And I had to do seven. That would’ve been months of work. It was just so simple.”

With Devii, the blockchain data was spun up into a secure API endpoint in an hour. Jase spent more time coding and way less time on API development. Now, he can focus on the work he really cares about.

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