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API Engine

Write complex APIs in one click.

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Build robust apps with the Devii GraphQL Instant API Engine.

Don’t let API development get in the way of writing new features. Simplify application development at the database level with Devii’s Instant API Engine. Devii’s API engine is designed to connect to, automatically generate GraphQL schemas for, and serve schemas as web-services APIs for any number of SQl-based relational databases. Focus on features, not backend infrastructure.

  • Build better software, faster. Start fetching data in seconds from day one.
  • Secure data fetching with guardrails for peace of mind without sacrificing flexibility at scale. 
  • Complex queries no longer require deep expertise nor manual toil to be perfect. 
  • Unlimited database scalability features grow alongside your applications, including support requests and traffic volume.  
  • Accessible database and GraphQL expertise to help with all your managed database, access control, and API inquiries.

How Devii Works

Generate dynamic GraphQL APIs with your databases in just minutes. No database? No problem - Devii includes a built-in database. Start making GraphQL queries and mutations in just three simple steps. 

  1. Connect your existing database in a few clicks, or host your database with Devii.  New database? No problem - Devii will walk you through setup.
  2. Configure users and security policy that scale with your business process needs.
  3. Connect your database’s GraphQL API to your apps. How? Devii publishes and reloads your API instantly upon re-introspecting the database. It generates an up-to-date API on your command.

Let Devii do the API grunt work.

Stop burning project budget and time on custom API development. Devii’s Instant API Engine has everything you need to securely build your applications without wasting precious development time tackling complex expressions in advance or even at all!

Powerful GraphQL APIs for instant CRUD.

Focus on software development and blaze through API builds. Devii reflects the schema of SQL-based relational databases in seconds, instantly serving up all accessible query and mutation operations (CRUD). Devii’s Instant API Engine includes built-in resolver functions that automatically handle filtering and sorting your query and paging through results without requiring custom parameters for each table.

Complex custom expression parsing without the headache.

Harness complex expressions without the hassle. Easily update filtered expressions on the fly without the need for sophisticated handwritten queries. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your databases are safeguarded from faulty queries. 

Flexibility beyond simple database triggers. 

Define process rules and add robust server-side functionality to your applications including (but not limited to): an email delivery system, PDF generator, image converter, video streaming processor, and a payment gateway system to maximize control over any eCommerce idea you can dream up! 

If you use it, we probably support it.

Simplify your stack with your API in one platform. Our Unified Database Type Translator supports instant API access to popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Devii handles SQL database abstraction so you can focus on app development.

Agile API that securely scales with you. 

Maintain extensibility at scale with unlimited API calls, concurrent requests, tables, and asset sizes, scaling as you grow. Invite team members and grant partial or complete access to your project with unlimited collaborator management using policy-based security.

Focus on rolling out new features instead of backend configuration and infrastructure.

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