Process Rules

Process Rules

Add fast, powerful server-side functionality to any app.

Extend the responsive capabilities of your database with Devii Process Programs + Rules

Go beyond standard database triggers and serverless functions with Devii Process Rules. To be clear, this is not a replacement for either, but rather a powerful, safe enhancement of accessibility for the front end developer to create data flows that triggers and functions are not well-suited for.

Devii allows administrators to create rules that run a Python program when mutations occur on a target table. This may not sound spectacular, though automating boring and repetitive, yet powerful, tasks is why Devii exists.

A powerful server-side toolbox, ready to use.

Go beyond standard triggers

Harness the built-in Devii Process Rules to expand the reach of your standard triggers and serverless functions with unmatched parameter capabilities. 

Run programs outside the database with the ability to do whatever processing you need! Configure your process programs with parameters that allow for flexible, extensible customization.

Power with built-in peace of mind

With great power comes great responsibility. Enjoy the flexibility of process rules without the worry – Devii Process programs validate the parameters for correctness and safety.

Unburden your developers

Lessen dev overhead and the need for your team to spend time on excessive maintenance. Devii Process Programs are well-tested and vigorously maintained by our team.

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