Powerful tools built directly into your GraphQL API without writing a single line of code. ‍

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Extending the behavior of your database with Packages.

Level up your API operations without building new features from scratch. Devii Packages expand standard API CRUD operations for faster, more robust functionality. 

Packages enable additional features, such as: geospatial data storage and querying, file storage and retrieval based on database record file association, storage of secrets in an off-server database, and other powerful process programs.

With the press of a button, jumpstart your app development with out-of-the-box standard packages.

Saving hundreds of hours is a good thing; using built-in Devii Packages and not having to jump across systems is even better.

Alerts & Notifications

Build customized alerts, based on database mutations, to monitor data streams. Send out notices via email and SMS when particular table records have specified values.

Financial Processing

Add ecommerce transactional features (one-time and recurring payments) into your app. Have complete, secure control over the purchase, user, and account records. You can use Devii’s built-in credit and debit card processing solution (powered by or hook up your own!

Secrets Management

Enhance security with off-server token storage including Azure KeyVault, Amazon Key Management Service, or Google Cloud Secret Manager.  Key-value pairs are stored as secrets, and are only associated with the in-database records by an opaque UUID value. 


Store, query, and render geospatial data with standard OpenGeospatial Web Services (OWS). Devii handles the geometry data types by transforming between coordinate systems, filtering by geospatial predicates, and rendering on maps via the embedded OWS server.


Raster and export geospatially aligned images including satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. With the Geospatial and Multimedia Packages, you can, for example, analyze raster data via density slicing which is then displayed via the embeded OWS server. 


Process, store, retrieve, and stream photos, graphics, video, and audio file types. Process Programs included in Devii allow you to set up streaming of video files, thumbnail images and videos, create preview versions of videos, and add watermarks.


Devii includes a PDF template feed so you can auto generate PDFs based on database queries and mutations, store those rendered PDFs, and even notify or email custom-generated links that require authorization to access! You supply the template and Devii does the rest, based on the simple rules you set.

Think outside of the box with Custom Process Packages

Enjoy Devii’s flexibility and connect with our team for your custom process package needs. As our community continues to grow, we’ll continue to share new process packages.

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