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Automagic Generation of GraphQL API Schemas and Resolvers.

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Guarantee your GraphQL will always work with Devii’s Auto Resolvers

Auto-generate resolvers without the time suck. Deploy releases faster with instant, robust resolvers that handle the complex fetch requests with ease including filters, joins, sorting, pagination, and mutations.

Skip handwriting query and mutation resolvers.

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Connect your existing database in a few clicks, or host your database with Devii. New database? No problem - Devii will walk you through setup.

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Configure users and security policy that scale with your business process needs.

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Connect your database’s GraphQL API to your apps. 
How? Devii publishes and reloads your API instantly upon re-introspecting the database. It generates an up-to-date API on your command.

Flexibility beyond automation.

For each exported table or view, Devii generates a graphQL type for querying along with a resolver function that automatically handles joins, filtering, sorting, and pagination.

For each exported database function, Devii generates a resolver function that acts as a wrapper for the internal database function it calls. (Yes, it is the same signature!)

For tables, Devii creates an input type and a mutation resolver for each allowed mutation of that table.

There’s more! When adding a new table, view, or exported function, users will immediately see the new types and resolvers after re-introspection of the GraphQL schema via the Instant API Engine.

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Remove human error.

Speed up your app release cycles without risk. Eliminate the manual toil spent developing each query or mutation, testing every resolver, and performing regression tests. 

Focus on feature development while Devii securely creates and utilizes resolvers to fetch the data you need.